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Nicolette Meunier

Nicolette's Story

Nicolette Meunier, born and raised in Kiel, Wisconsin, graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Dance, major in Economics, and certificate in Pilates. Following graduation, Nicolette has worked at Club Pilates, Touch of Pilates, Capital Fitness, and the UW Natatorium, teaching both equipment and mat classes to all ages. Her classes work towards creating strength in the abdominal wall as well as flexibility in the spine to enhance correct postural alignment. Each lesson begins with a mindful meditation to connect both body and mind in order to generate presence within individuals and their physical forms. Classes conclude with lengthening exercises that will leave clients feeling longer, taller, and lighter on their feet. Nicolette’s passion for Pilates is the reason she teaches, as she believes Pilates is the way to a stronger and more conscious lifestyle.

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