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Kelsey Macomber

Kelsey's Story

Kelsey is the Yoga Director at The Yoga Sangha. As a long-time movement lover, Kelsey unearthed her passion for teaching movement practices while studying Psychology and Neuroscience at UW-Madison.  Kelsey is now a lecturer in the Dance Department at UW-Madison, where she also received her Pilates Teaching Certification. She has over a decade of experience teaching yoga, and has continued to expand her training to include barre and functional strength training methods. She is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Applied Exercise Science, and PhD in Exercise Psychology through the UW-Madison Kinesiology Department. 


Kelsey believes this work of cultivating body awareness and thoughtful movement is paramount to living healthily and happily. She teaches with emphasis on mindful awareness, and physical precision. She blends the Classical Pilates Method with contemporary ideas and adaptations to help individuals find novel engagement and connection.   Kelsey hopes to educate and enable students and clients to find novel connections within their own bodies and their own potential, and she tailors her instruction to accommodate specific challenges and goals. 

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