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Jessica Winkler

Jessica's Story

I was born in a small village on the foothills of the Andes in Peru; since moving to the US I have been on the search for a sense of stillness - a sense of peace. My curiosity led me to begin my yoga journey at a young age; at first my practice was aimed at gaining strength, balance, and flexibility. As my practice matured, I became aware of the connection that resides between our breath and our minds. My practice transformed into a self-study that has helped me attain a mental state of clarity and enjoyment — my meditation.


Every time I practice, I experience new growth. It’s a state of mind where I can laugh, fall, play, and let go. Having fun is essential to my practice. It reminds me to be honest with myself, to not rush the process, and to not take life so seriously.


I believe finding a yoga practice is the best gift you can give to yourself, it is a lifelong gift that keeps on giving. Our bodies are our best teachers, they tell us exactly what we need. It’s our job to learn to be still, and listen. 


My classes are creative, fun, and challenging. I like to build from the ground up. I will guide you every step of the way with direct cues and encouragement. I invite you to take my classes with an open heart and mind.


If not teaching or practicing yoga, you can find me training dogs in agility classes, or playing with my dog Dakota.

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