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Brooke Schroeder

Brooke's Story

Each person who walks through the door wondering about Pilates has at least one thing in common; a curiosity of how Pilates can benefit them. Brooke’s passion as an instructor is highlighting the ways Pilates can be specific to your individual life. From recovery to work out regimen, stress relief to building neural plasticity, each body is unique and therefore your approach may need to be different. Brooke’s goal is to have everyone leave the studio with a better sense of how Pilates supports their everyday life and wellness.

Brooke uses her empathetic personality to guide each individual on their functional movement journey to find ways movement can feel more fluid within their body. Starting a new movement practice can often feel daunting and Brooke provides comfort in the studio by cracking jokes and trying to make you smile (afterall, it does engage the transverse abdominis). Her compassionate personality mixed with knowledge of the body from dance studies and numerous anatomy courses fosters an environment of self discovery and feel good movement.


Upon completing her 900 hour teacher training at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2021, she took to studying for the National Pilates Certification Exam. In January of 2022, Brooke completed the exam to become a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher in the U.S. in both Mat and Classical Pilates Equipment. Brooke has continued to seek education, beyond certification, by attending workshops with the Contemporary piece of equipment, CoreAlign, in Nevada, as well as attending seminars online and continuing to be a student of the Pilates practice each and every day.

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