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Sofia Tanski

Sofia's Story

I first experienced yoga practice as a child; my mother was seeking a way to help my sister ease her growing pains and signed us both up for kids yoga classes. At the time, it was simply a class I went to once a week with some fun stretches - but it later became much more. Upon revisiting yoga as a teenager, I found comfort and power through allowing myself to turn within and focus on my breath. I felt alive, free, and more “myself” after practice, which has led me back to the mat again and again.


Cultivating a consistent yoga practice has allowed me to find grounding and peace even in times of disarray, grief, and change. It has led to many moments of laughter and joy through trying new things, falling over, achieving physical goals that were once impossible, and connecting with others who were seeking the same sense of “rootedness” in a world that can feel like a constant whirlwind. While our bodies will feel different from one day to the next, the container of yoga practice can help us learn how to support ourselves as we are, now. 


I completed my 200 hour yoga training through Abundant Joy Yoga in Oconomowoc, WI in 2022. As a musician, I love to combine the healing power of sound with the deep power of yoga. I’ll play guitar for you while you rest in Savasana at the end of practice, and hope to leave you with a sense of loving calm and peace.

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