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Sally Stavn

Sally's Story

I've been living and loving Madison for the last 5 years working as a nurse and teaching yoga. I trained and completed my 200hr CYT in 2017 with The Studio and have been teaching yoga in person and online for Madison College. In my experience practicing yoga as a student and a teacher, I learned that yoga is not just poses to improve my physical shape but a consciousness in the body to enliven our senses and our spirit. It prepares us to be aware of polarities like “energizing” and “relaxation”, “rooting down” and “rising up”, “engagement” and “surrender”. I will often reference these opposites to bring greater awareness and interest on the mat with postures and breath work in my classes.

You may hear me singing or snapping to music that moves me. You might get a story or quote to reflect on for the day, or you might hear Sanskrit ( my mantra ) “ Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum, which has been said, when chanted millions of times, brings healing relief to those that suffer and brings sight to the blind. A great feat indeed!

As a teacher of yoga, it is my wish to prepare students in class to find the experience of exhilaration and exhaustion, to enliven your senses and mind, and to guide you to find consciousness in the body.

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