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Martha Miltko

Certifications/Education: ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Mental Health First Aid Certification, USPA Nationally Ranked Powerlfiter, 3x USPA WI State Record Holder, InBody Certification

About Martha

From lifetime gymnast and track athlete to an ACE certified personal trainer, exercise and movement has always been a crucial aspect in my life. My former competitive days helped me develop a keen eye for proper form, recovery, and appropriate progression. 


I have years of experience in functional fitness to overcome injuries and chronic pain, bodybuilding/hypertrophy training and have started competing in powerlifting in early 2023. Personally experiencing these different training styles has only made me a better trainer as I'm able to help people with all sorts of goals. 


My passion lies in helping people feel comfortable and confident in and out of the gym by creating a relationship with fitness and nutrition that not only helps reach your goals, but complements your lifestyle for long-term success. Through perfectly-personalized programs based on your age, ability, obligations, limitations, injuries, or something else, I guarantee life changing results. 


Being in this industry means you're a lifelong student and I'm grateful to be able to share my knowledge of fitness and nutrition to others.

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