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Grace Herndon

Grace's Story

As a native Madisonian with a decade-long yoga practice, Grace is thrilled to be a part of the Yoga Sangha community. Grace’s passion for movement grew from years as a youth sports coach, where she found purpose in supporting others through their journey to not just improved physical, but mental health via community building in fitness spaces. Her lifelong dynamic and multifaceted movement practice has led her to hope to enable & empower students and clients to grow in their self-confidence and ability to move their body in ways that feel GOOD! 


Grace pursued her Yoga Up Teacher Certification through Dragonfly Hot Yoga in 2022 after finding a class format that combined her enthusiasm for weightlifting & agility training with her yoga practice. She is presently pursuing her ACE Group Fitness Instructor Certification to deepen her knowledge of cultivating community on and off of the mat. Grace is passionate about creating an inclusive, accessible, & motivational studio environment where every individual can find clarity and strength.

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