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Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy aims to eliminate, reduce, and/or manage symptoms that cause suffering. It helps improve function to prevent the occurrence or reoccurrence of the root causes of illness, and supports movement towards improved health and well-being. Yoga Therapists work collaboratively with the client to develop and implement a self-empowering therapeutic plan. 

Techniques used:

  • Somatic Exercises (Thomas Hanna): Neuromuscular retraining which goes directly to the source of many musculoskeletal problems by reorganizing the way your nervous system controls and senses muscles and movement. 
  • Hatha Yoga: Physical postures, breath practices and meditation techniques that are aligned with yogic philosophy. These tools cultivate mastery over unproductive thought and physical patterns. 
  • Dinacharya: Daily Ayurvedic self-care practices to help create a routine that will support balance in your system and life. 
  • TRE: A series of exercises developed by bodyworker and trauma therapist Dr. David Berceli designed to remind the body of its natural ability to release tension and stress through neurogenic tremoring. Provider: Ellen McKenzie

For more information or to set up a consultation email: ellen@theyogasangha.net
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Ellen McKenzie: Ellen views yoga and meditation as a path to health and balance in the body, mind and spirit. Her teaching utilizes props, precise cueing, educational touch, somatic exercises and an invitation to feel. Her intention is to bring students more fully into their practice and create an internal environment ripe for sustainable transformation. 

Ellen serves as director for the Yoga Sangha; her offerings to the Madison community (and beyond) include weekly classes, workshops, immersions, one-on-one sessions and yoga teacher training. She serves as satellite faculty for the Prairie Yoga's 200 hour certification program. In addition to her yoga offerings, she facilitates TRE (Trauma Releasing Excercises) in group and in one-on-one sessions. 

She received her 200 hour certification from Prairie Yoga, her 300 hour certification from Theresa Murphy, and is currently registered at the E-500 level. In addition to these certifications she regularly studies under Gabriel Halpern and Tias Little. In 2017 Ellen began a 1000 hour Yoga Therapist certification with the Yoga North International Soma Yoga Institute.  She was certified as TRE provider in 2017.