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Group Fitness Instructors

Emily R.

Born and raised in Madison, Emily Ruzicka has 25 years of dance and performance experience. Her discovery of WERQ has inspired me in many amazing ways; music is in every part of Emily's life. She loves to club dance and WERQING it out for cardio is a magical combo. Professionally she is a business owner, and an account executive and on air host at Channel 57 Television.

Sarrut O.

Sarrut is a certified group fitness instructor, with a primary focus on WERQ: a widly addictive cardio dance workout based on the hottest pop and hip hop music music. Outside of the gym, you can find her riding the bike paths, hiking trails, paddling on the lake, running a 5k or just enjoying the outdoors. "I'm a big believer in staying healthy by finding fun activities you love and making it your liefestyle."