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Yoga Teachers

Ellen McKenzie

Introduced to yoga as teenager, I began a casual love affair with asana. It was in my early 20’s that I dedicated myself more seriously to my practice. As I continued to study and exposed myself to senior and master teachers, my practice and and my sense of self began to shift.

Cricket R.

Cricket Redman teaches a strong hatha yoga with a blend of flow and form using breath as the guide.  Her classes are accessible for beginners and allow experienced practitioners to push their practice to new levels of awareness and strength. She teaches with body-positive, empowering language. Cricket hopes that the sequences reveal the inner landscape of the body so that students develop an understanding and acceptance of their internal environment–both body and mind attuned to the seasons and weather that take place within.

Heather K.

Heather Keeler credits yoga for all things good in this world, "yoga makes me right, yoga makes the world right." As a student of yoga for over 18 years, her background is right with teachers including Bikram, Baron Baptiste, Seane Corn, Brian Kest and many others. 

The goal of yoga is to create space, alignement and oneness with the mind, body and soul. Her practice will leave you light and renuvenated. 

Heather is thankful for every day on.the.mat,, "It is an honor and priviledge to be abe to teach and be taught."

Jamie Healy

Jamie took her first yoga class while living in Seattle in 2002 to help with anxiety and has been practicing every since.  She has a deep respect for the ability of the human body to heal itself and has seen firsthand what a consistent yoga and meditation practice can do to calm the mind and deepen the connection to self and others.  Jamie's classes encourage students to cultivate stability and space in the body.  With a focus on alignment and breath awareness, expect a heart centered practice designed to facilitate inquiry, growth, and trans

Jessica S.

Jessica Steffens has been dedicated to her yoga practice since 2000 and guiding others in yoga since 2006.  She studied first in Mexico focusing on Iyengar alignment techniques and then journeyed to Thailand were she worked with Ashtanga inspired teachers.  She leads a powerful Vinyasa flow that brings heat while attending to alignment.  Jessica emphasizes precision over perfection and seamlessly integrates movement and breathing.  

Kaila P.

Kaila has been serving the Madison area as a yoga teacher, personal trainer and group fitness instructor full-time since 2011. Kaila believes that health and fitness should have a multifaceted approach so that every client achieves balance and a well-rounded routine that remains engaging over time.

Kelsey M.

Kelsey has been teaching yoga and Pilates for five years, and practicing for nearly ten. As in instructor, Kelsey strives to educate and enable participants to cultivate a deeper sense of awareness, connection and control within their own bodies. She believes the work of yoga and Pilates has the power to change a persons's experience of their body from the inside out. 


Kim K.

Kim received her training from 200 hour to 1000 hour Yoga Therapy training at the International SomaYoga Institute in Duluth, MN.  She has been on a path to help facilitate greater wellbeing through the various modalities of working with the mind, body, emotions, being, relationships, and the environment. Her passion for understanding how these practices work led her to study them through her PhD in Human Science.  Her aim is to increase our ability to be compassionately present with integrity as we become aware of new truths with the expansion of our perceptions and skills.  

Manisha B.

Raised in India, Manisha has been exposed to yoga as a spiritual path and a lifestyle choice. While modern yoga is becoming more of an exercise choice, the contemporary definition of yoga that resonates most with her is that - Yoga is a timeless technology for well-being!

Manisha studied Hatha yoga both in India and America, which gives her a unique understanding of this ancient path as it continues to evolve. She received her 200 and 500 hr. certification from Alignment Yoga with Scott Anderson and is currently registered at the E-500 RYT level.

Marina K.

Marina is a world traveler and yoga teacher with over a decade of experience. She has a deep passion for exploration of different aspects of human existence through the practice of yoga and meditation. She sees yoga and mindfulness as ways to tap into an ancient wisdom of body and soul and to uncover the self-healing potential that all of us possess. 


Owen imparts yoga foremost as an act of friendship with our body, mind, and spirit as they are now.


I began practicing yoga in 2011 to combat the stress of college. Never graceful, and with zero body awareness, I blundered through all of the teacher’s elegant, circulating flows in my first classes (in socks on the entire time).

Tammy G.

Tammy started practicing yoga as a form of exercise and quickly appreciated the mental, emotional, and spiritual impacts of the practice as well. Yoga has played a vital role in her life by supporting high points and joys and especially in maintaining balance, stability, and transformation during challenging times. Tammy completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training through Prairie Yoga with Ellen McKenzie and is honored and excited to share her love of yoga with her students.

Tom S.

Tom has been practicing yoga for 6 years.  He originally came to the practice to alleviate pain, and quickly found the relief he had sought.  In addition to physical strength, he also found that regular yoga practice calms the mind.  Tom is honored to share the gift of yoga with others.