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Shannon Bashor

Shannon has a background in kinesiology and sports medicine, as she got her undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Kinesiology-Athletic Training. Throughout her time in undergrad, she worked with several division I athletes and spent some time helping the kinesiology adaptive fitness program. While in the process of pursuing her master’s, she also worked with division III athletes. Not only does she have experience with adaptive fitness and college sports, but she also has experience working with the general population, as she spent some time working at Anytime Fitness.

Shannon’s practice specializes in general fitness training, core stability training, mobility training, and rehab. Her practice can help you increase mobility, limit pain, and increase athleticism or function. She is also skilled in manual therapy. Shannon likes to use her experience to help the general population to meet their fitness goals and have fun while doing so.


Licensed and certified athletic trainer, ISSA certification, B.S. Kinesiology-Athletic Training