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I began practicing yoga in 2011 to combat the stress of college. Never graceful, and with zero body awareness, I blundered through all of the teacher’s elegant, circulating flows in my first classes (in socks on the entire time). Either in admiration of my persistence in attending class nearly every day, or in pity of my blazing ignorance of how to move my own body, my first teachers took me under their wing as an apprentice a couple of months after I began practicing. They guided me to dive deeper into my practice, yoga philosophy, meditation, and how to teach. I’ve since completed over 450 hours of yoga teacher trainings in Minneapolis and Dharamsala, India, and over 60 hours of training in structural integration body work and Traditional Thai Massage. Over time, I learned to connect with how it feels to be and move in my body, which has led to a drastically different way of relating to all exercise and translated into working flexibly with my thoughts and emotions. I’m still just as ungraceful on a dance floor, but I now feel at home on my mat choreographing gliding flows.

I strive to share what I have gained from this practice with others. The style of my classes is a product of all of my teachers: integrating the highly dynamic, intelligently-designed flows of Your Yoga with the strength and precision of Hatha, a focus on safety and alignment, and mindfulness teachings borrowed from insight meditation traditions.