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Owen imparts yoga foremost as an act of friendship with our body, mind, and spirit as they are now.  This echoes his favorite reading:  "The deepest principals of yoga are based on a subtle and profound appreciation of how the human system is constructed" (Karminoff and Matthews, Yoga Anatomy, 2011).  

He believes yoga can genuinely surprise us rather quickly in how it unveils the extent to which our sense of "lived experience" is affected by the body, breath, and mind.  He enjoys witnessing students discover this on their own –they pause, blink, and smile widely, as if seeing themselves for the first time. 

Owen earned his 200-hour certification from RajaHatha School of Yoga in Madison and many more hours of guidance from the wonderful staff at Capital Fitness.  He received his Dharma name, "Gentle Dawn," for his advocacy of adult learning and development.  He still stresses and makes mistakes, but he responds calmly, smiles more often, and sees more clearly how he'll spoil his first dog.