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For more than 25 years, Hugger Mugger has been known as an innovator of technically excellent yoga products serving yoga teachers and students throughout the world. Hugger Mugger Yoga Products was founded in 1986 in Salt Lake City by Sara Chambers. A custom furniture builder, Sara was a devoted student of Iyengar Yoga teachers in Salt Lake City, when she attended her first weekend workshop with the late Mary Dunn. During the workshop, she observed Mary scrounging around for an appropriate strap to demonstrate a modification to a pose. One student from Idaho had brought an L.L. Bean belt to the workshop, which worked infinitely better than the thrift store neckties everyone was using back in those days. Mary continued to borrow that strap throughout the weekend, setting off a spark in Sara’s creative mind.

Hugger Mugger outgrew Sara’s basement in 1989, and she moved to a warehouse space that year. Hugger Mugger now employs 18 highly skilled, dedicated associates and manufacture many of their products onsite. The company has come a long way from Sara’s basement, but they continue to honor her original vision:  to provide innovative, premium-quality products and create a wide circle of Yoga friends throughout the world.

Hugger Mugger has a minimum order requirement for all special orders. If your purchase does not meet or exceed that minimum, we will need to group multiple orders together; this may result in a delay on your order. Please see the Hugger Mugger website for all available props and supplies. For all members a 15% discount will be applied to the regular retail price; all special orders must be pre-paid. To order please email: Ellen@theyogasangha.net