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The Buzz On Teacher Training!

Feb 15th

Our Prairie Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training with Ellen McKenzie begins April 2016! This training gives you the tools you need to teach a variety of different styles, modify the practice, cue clearly and effectively, and transform from the inside out. 

Here's what we're hearing about the cirriculm and lead teacher, Ellen McKenzie:

Why This Yogi Starting Lifting Weights

Sep 29th

I'll be honest, I was incredibly resistant to lifting weights. I'm a yogi. And if you ask most yogis, yoga is the miracle modality; there's no need to supplement the practice. 

When I began practicing yoga I felt muscularly stiff, which I was; however, I also had (and still have) a lot of mobility in my joints. With years of practice much of my stiffness resolved, and I now have a pretty significant range of motion. Too much motion; I'm what's reffered to as hypermobile. 

Loving the Girl in the Mirror

Jun 15th

I have been fascinated with the idea of ‘thin’ for most of my life. At a very young age I convinced myself that my life would never feel complete unless I was thin, so as I aged I learned to rely on my imagination to escape the pain of weight gain. Surely a skinny life had to be better than the crippling depression, breakdowns bra shopping and the compulsive need to hide behind my humor, which only masked my self-hatred. 

Breath Is Life

May 5th

Breath is life. If we improve the quality of breathing, we improve the quality of life itself.  In this immersion we will explore the practice and benefits of pranayama, an aspect of yoga that focuses solely on the breath.  

A New Beginning: The Yoga Sangha

May 8th

This practice, called yoga, embraces the flow of change. Our yoga community stands as a testament to the transformation that comes by living in the flow of change, as opposed to trying to direct it. Over the years we have grown from a small smattering of classes into a diverse, authentic and dedicated sangha. Honroing that evolution, we have decided to not only re-name our studio, but to also establish a specific mission as our bedrock.