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"I Train For Life"

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What does "I Train For Life" mean to us?
We chose this phrase in an attempt to communicate our philosophy. "I Train For Life" acknowledges that while the specific short-term goals for each person vary widely, the ultimate goal of our training program is a sustainable healthy lifestyle. This means that by working with our trainers your journey will start to explore balance. We will help you achieve your short term goals (such as training for your first 5k, losing body fat, or setting a new record with your favorite lift), while also keeping an eye on the long-term goal: preparing to be physically active as late in life as possible. We are committed for life. Are you?
"Our training staff has the experience to get you ready for your short term goals and at the same time keep the process mindful of the ultimate goal, life."

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Consultation lengths vary between 30-60 minutes and will cover:

  • your current fitness level and your fitness goals.
  • ​questions about equipment usage and fitness trends.
  • health concerns, injuries and physical limitations.
  • how personal training can help create a sustainable and balanced approach to fitness.

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