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The Buzz On Teacher Training!

Feb 15th

Our Prairie Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training with Ellen McKenzie begins April 2016! This training gives you the tools you need to teach a variety of different styles, modify the practice, cue clearly and effectively, and transform from the inside out. 

Here's what we're hearing about the cirriculm and lead teacher, Ellen McKenzie:

"The training offers a principled approach and the support to be a confident and responsible teacher. It also fosters an environment for you to find, honor, and fall in love with your authentic self and others, and just a more peaceful, contented person. It's a permeating experience and an immersive progam I'm deeply grateful to share in!"

"If you've ever been able to take class with Ellen, you know she is a rare gifted teacher that brings depth and dimension to all her teachings. She brings incredible intention to her words and actions, so you not only learn what you need to know to teach and practice yoga safely, intelligently, and effectively, but you're guided into discovering the lessons from within yourself."

Informational Flier Here
Course Catalog Here

For questions or more infromation please contact Ellen McKenzie (ellen@theyogasangha.net).